My two big passions, as you can see on the picture, are photography and food. When I do photography I am mostly attracted to people and food, and when we are talking about food, I cook, I bake, and even grow it.


Everything started with my two food blogs, So i biber & Dolce Fooda. By taking food pictures for my blogs, I realized how powerful photography can be, especially today, in social media world. Photography communicates with the people on so many levels, it can create such a strong impact and it can truly inspire and spread the word.


Along with trying to make my pictures beautiful, I try to convey the right message, similarly to what Old Dutch Masters used to do in their paintings. No matter if it is still life with food, individual or family portrait, business or travel photo, I try to give it something of that old painting quality.


I have BA in Art History and MBA in Marketing. I live in Upper Fells Point, Baltimore, with my family.


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